Who the hell is Raghav Bansal?

I am a Social Media Marketer & a Personal Branding Practitioner who is currently working from home. I help brands gain more customers using social media marketing which ultimately leads to an increase in overall revenue and growth. 

I started my career at the age of 18 as a Digital Marketing Executive and carries about 1.5 years of Industry experience.

Ever since then, I have been researching Digital Marketing. and in between the way I found out that I love Social Media more than anything.

So, I decided to try my hands out on it and for that purpose I joined Young Engine as Social Media Marketing Manager and till this point in time I have worked with 10+ brands & counting – Bath Candy, Fitline, Elistil, Young Engine, Limewit, TIE Delhi NCR, Skobe and many more.

Raghav you sound interesting...

I wanna know more about you.

So lemme go back a couple of months 🙂 It’s time to grab a cup of coffee or tea.😎


I am blessed to have you here listening to me. Trust me I am talking to you from the bottom of my heart. You are the most valuable person at the moment because you are giving your time to me.

So when I joined my college back in 2018 I heard this term the most “Digital Marketing”. And was curious to know what it is as I belong to Haryana and never heard of it earlier in my school days.

And at the end of my 1st year, I finally decided to learn and I thought the only way to LEARN DIGITAL MARKETING is to join any coaching Institute and go through their courses and all but I was wrong and I realized this when I left my 3 months long course after 1 month because of my semester exams and I never went there again and started learning & applying digital marketing on my own and from my home with the help of just my laptop and an internet connection.

I am not against those institutes or courses but my only concern is if you can learn those skills online then why waste your time & money in doing that offline rather than you can invest your time & money into practically applying those skills.

(Haina lakh rupee ki baat😎 hahaha)

Then I bought a domain and built a website to try things and then I finally got my first internship in Digital Marketing, worked there for 2 months, expanded their business in Australia and UK, and then I joined my friend’s startup – Skobe, helped them in launching their product by doing all the social media marketing thing and getting more customers through it.

And to learn a much bigger aspect of everything, in October, I started my own Digital Marketing Agency with one of my friends and generated a revenue of 25k+ in the very first month but after 4 months I had to leave my own agency because of some internal issues.

And I literally cried for an hour I thought this is the end of my life, what will I do next, I have nothing in my hand right now, etc, etc. This time was a mental breakdown for me.

But then one-day Shivansh (Founder of Young Engine) called me and asked me to join his team as a Social Media Marketing Manager and then I again started my journey and this was one hell of experience working so closely in a startup and I learned a lot during my period of working, made some lifetime connections and learned some real shit. 

After 5 months of working with Young Engine, I left, it seems like life had other plans for me.

And right now I am happily working with Marketing  Musketeer (Ad Agency) handling their and their client’s Advertising & Marketing and as a side hustle working as a freelancer and building my personal brand.

So here is my personal story and I’ll feel super happy if you get even 1% of inspiration because I am here not to brag, but to inspire you to never give up on your dreams & never ever stop trying but to keep moving forward!


I have created a special Facebook Messenger Bot Assistant for my brand where I have curated almost all the FAQs. Visit this link: https://m.me/itsraghavbansal & it will open up in your Facebook Messenger & go through it. You will get all my FAQs & answers, my story & my content & everything around me! I keep on updating the content inside my Messenger bot.

Hope it will help. Here is the link again: https://m.me/itsraghavbansal

So with that being said If you think that I can help you grow your Business/Brand/Startup through Digital Platforms then hit me up!



Social Media is the GAME And I’m a pro player 😉

(Hope this short little page on Internet, boosts you up in whatever you DO in your life.)

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