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Shivansh Garg (IIM Dropout, Founder of Young Engine)

I helped Shivansh in relaunching his program, which is Career Starter Master Week.

I helped him in restructuring the program, building sales funnel with a killer sales copy, relaunching the offer, creating value packed bonuses, and scaling it through Paid marketing.

Harshdeep Singh (Personal Mastery Coach)

I helped Harshdeep in planning & strategizing the whole workshop funnel and we successfully launched it. We did multiple testing with ads as well as the landing page, we improved our offer which helped him in increased conversions and positively impacted overall profitability.

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Tanaya Banerjee (CA, 10+ yrs of exp in FP&A)

I Helped Tanaya in Planning And Setting up her Online Course from Scratch. I successfully brainstormed & created a No-Brainer offer by building a converting sales funnel with killer sales copy.

Now I am helping Tanaya in getting her more $ALES ๐Ÿค‘ through Facebook & Instagram Ads.

Dhairya Gangwani (Career Coach & Content Creator)

I consulted Dhairya and her team In launching & promoting her own multiple online workshops.

I designed the Sales Funnel, Lead Magnet and created a strategy for her which worked like crazy, moreover I did the whole automation of the process so that it works 24/7.

Check out the video to know more about what Dhairya has to say about me.

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Digital Mitthyl (Instagram Business Coach)

Digital Mitthyl is an Instagram Business Building Coach, YouTube Creator & Video Podcast Expert.

I helped him in restructuring his website as well as created a kickass landing page from scratch which increased his conversion rate by 27%. Below is the screenshot of the landing page and a video in which he has shared his experience.

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Raghav Bansal is someone who wants to try as many new things as possible. Though his base interest is on Digital Marketing, it doesn’t stop him from excelling in the field of SEO, Content writing, Copy Writing and other fields. When I was working with him, he’ll always be the go to guy when anyone is stuck in any department. He has always been the helping hand when People needed him. Raghav has excellent managing skills. Be it managing time, planning things or Networking he know how to be best in it. He has been the constant learner which makes him try new things. It was pleasure to be working with Raghav Bansal.



HRM, Young Engine

Raghav and I worked together in the Rotaract ChangeMakers Programme for a period of six weeks. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Raghav, and came to know him as a truly valuable asset to any team. He is dependable and incredibly hard-working. He distinguished himself by always delivering more than expected and never failing to show up for the team. Along with his undeniable diligence, he has always been an absolute joy to work with. Beyond all this, he is very sincere and possesses great work ethics and I believe Raghav will prove to be an asset to any team or organisation he is a part of.


Kritika Verma

Co - Founder, Project Kamakhya

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